Sze Wo Chaan

Founded in 1976, Sze Wo Chaan has been growing steadily in the past 40 years with its core business in providing quality, reliable and safe gasoline equipment services and products to the community of Hong Kong.

In 1986, Sze Wo Chaan became one of the LPG Cylinder Distributors of Shell Hong Kong Limited, which further proved its market leader position. The company offered a wide range of products and services including LPG Cylinders, central gas supply, gas fittings and equipments, gas engineering and dangerous goods logistical delivery. In 2004, Sze Wo Chaan successfully introduced the first hotline order center, which integrates customers service with its wireless delivery fleet, allows instant order by telephone. Such innovative service has significantly enhanced the operation efficiency and the company’s image. This pioneer breakthrough is largely due to the visionary of the company’s management to articulate technology in a traditional business.

“Think out of the box” makes Sze Wo Chaan’s business model unique so that we are able to offer diversified products and services to our customers.

“Running business with heart” and “Putting customers first” are not only the company’s motto, it also leads Sze Wo Chaan stand out of the crowd. In the last two decades, Sze Wo Chaan has become one of the biggest gas providers in Hong Kong with an extensive sales network through acquisitions of 20 gas retailers. The company has also expanded its services to kitchen and washroom design for households recently. In 2014, Sze Wo Chaan took over Crown Gas Company Limited and revamped the brand – to become a one-stop-shop gasoline service provider and stoves supplier.