Skeeter Vac SV3100 (On Request )

*The service in outlying islands and Discovery Bay requires longer time to arrange and extra fee will be charged HKD $400; no on-site service for restricted area and remote district.


Product Name :Skeeter Vac SV3100


Country of Origin: Blue Rhino “Blue Rhino” America’s largest LPG supply and outdoor products manufacturer.

Gas Type: LPG

Size : 63.5cm ( length ) x 37.4cm ( width ) x 78.8cm ( height )

Weight : 8.6kg.


Driver description : Fireless LPG catalytic system produces carbon dioxide CO2 and converts thermal energy into electrical energy.

Coverage: It can cover about 40,000 square feet.

Placement: It should be placed between the mosquito breeding ground and the residence; the mosquitoes have been trapped

by the mosquito killer before they can find you.


Fine Tune™ mosquito trap

The unique Fine Tune™ BaitBiock system is the only mosquito killer on the market that can adjust the mosquito-trapping chip function

for different environments. In different locations and different mosquito species, different amounts of chip odors are required as mosquito-trapping elements. ,

To attract all kinds of blood-sucking mosquitoes. The built-in Fine Tune™ BaitBiock system can provide 5 different indicators for users to adjust the amount

of mosquito trap chip released to achieve the most effective mosquito control effect.


Wavy mosquito grid

The Wave Trap wavy mosquito grid can ensure that the vacuum suction power will not fail due to the obstruction of air when fully loaded,

and prevent the suction power from being blocked by mosquitoes.


LED Lighting five-color light control system

The unique five-color light control system and 360- degree rotating flashing light strengthen the trapping of Aedes albopictus, so it is also called “Aedes killer”.


TacTrap™ optical mosquito trap sticker

A TacTrap™ optical mosquito trap sticker is installed near the vacuum mosquito trap. The surface of the sticker is attached with a strong adhesive material,

which can effectively catch mosquitoes and play a double catching effect.


Daily maintenance

Replaced monthly 1 LP gas
Every two months to replace BaitBlock mosquito sheet 1 block
Every two months to replace TacTrap mosquito a paste.


*Separate quotation is needed for other additional work not mentioned above. (Negotiable)
*All specifications subject to change with prior notice.



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